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Construct 3(r266) Release & Example

Hey folks. I’m sure if you’ve read my posts regarding the new 3D features and elements being added to Construct 3 lately, you know how excited I am for all of this to be happening right now. I still stick […]


Learn JavaScript in Construct

In the last post in the Blog, I talked about a fairly recent article from Scirra, about the performance tests performed and compared between JavaScript and GML(GameMaker Language). In this article I’m sharing something else exciting, regarding JavaScript. As of […]


JavaScript VS GameMaker Language

Earlier this month Scirra put out an article, comparing the performance of JavaScript, GameMaker Language(GML), Construct 3’s Event Blocks, and GML’s VM(which acts as an interpreter) when it comes to running a fairly basic set of calculations. I’m going to […]


Construct 3 – Recent Updates

So, if you already use Construct 3 as your base to create your own video games, you most likely already know all of this XD. I’m just going to cover some of the recent updates to Scirra’s application. The main […]