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Hey there!

My name's Colin Litchfield.  Thanks for taking the time to visit my website here.  I really hope you are enjoying your stay!

Learning and gaining experience in various technical systems has been my passion for the past couple of decades.  I originally started troubleshooting my first computer at age 12.  One that was given to me by my Dad, and needed some work to get operating again.  The Desktop Computer required new hardware, such as IDE Cables(I know... what are those ancient things?), optical drive, hard drive, operating system install, drivers, and more.  That was my first experience working with a computer, and learning how to troubleshoot any and all hardware & software issues on the fly.

Shortly after that I started diving into many areas of technology.  Everything from Building Computers & Servers, to Game Design & Development(my passion was and still is.... Gaming!).  Then, onto Web Design, all the way up to Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security.  I've worked at large corporations providing technical support to their employees, as well as securing stystems(networks, computers, mobile endpoints, etc).

These days I'm dedicated 100% to my first techie passion which is Game Design & Development!  I first started game design when I was about 13 or 14 years old.  Back then I was playing around with RPG Maker 95/2000, and some of the original GameMaker versions put out by Mark Overmars.  I think the earliest version I used was GameMaker 3.1.  Over the years I've learned multiple programming launguages, along with several forms of scripting.  Having also gained experience designing and building video games over the many years, working within several different game engines.  I mainly work with 2D Game Design & Development.  But, have spent some time with 3D Game Design & Development in my younger years, and plan on moving back into that area.  Currently studying C# on the side for development in Unity 3D, and other 3D Game Engines in the near future.

Right now, I'm focusing on designing mobile games, while also working on a long term project for console release.  I'm also dedicated to helping others begin their journey in game design/dev, and follow their own dream.  Whether you want to pursue Game Design as a hobby, or as a career, I am here to help you.  I'm looking to offer insight, motivation, and tips and tricks through the blog, as well as showing off my latest creations 😉 .  I'm currently working on my first Educational Video Series.  Which will be selection of video tutorials to teach how to design a Platforming Game within the main engine I'm using right now titled, Construct 3.  They will be hosted on my YouTube Channel under: The Indie Game Dude , as well as my own educational platform with is currently in the works.  You may see it mentioned in a blog post here and there on either of my main websites.

Not only do I want to show of my creations, but also train and teach how I went about doing so.  You can learn from my mistakes, in order to prototype and finish developing your games faster than it took me.  Get ready to start designing your dream game!

Feel free to reach out, and lets get connected 🙂


Below is a quick look at my skillset.

Game Design
Game Development
Construct 3
Pixel Art
Technical Support
Teaching / Training Others
Having Fun!